3-IN-1 GEL

Cleansing, purifying, and hydrating daily gel for the face and body. Prepares the skin for shaving, deeply cleanses, refreshes and tones thanks to the "phyto-aroma® cocktail". Enriched with Trace Elements. Thanks to its remineralising active ingredients rich in trace elements, this gel purifies and stimulates cell renewal. Your skin is smooth, soft and cleansed.


Lavender: Lavender comes from the Latin word “Lavare” which means Wash. It drains and soothes. General antiseptic and healer

Hamamelis: Witch hazel Fights venous disorders, rosacea and congestion.

How to use: Thanks to its comforting texture that is as light as it is delicate, it can be used for shaving and applied to cleanse and purify the face and body once or twice day in the morning and/or evening Apply to the face and body, foam with water, then shave and rinse. Can be used as a cleansing face and body gel.