After-shave care with regenerating, purifying and soothing active ingredients. Regenerates, normalises, and soothes all skin reactions from shaving thanks to the cocktail of “Phyto-Aroma” active ingredients. Fights ageing thanks to the specific virtues of geranium. Your face is soft, radiant and rejuvenated. . Suitable for all skin types.


Geranium: Toning and healing, treats all skin problems, fights ageing, regenerates cells. Powerful anti-wrinkle treatment, refines scars.

Lemon: protects capillary vessels, vasoconstrictor (tightens vessels), fluidifies the circulation. Powerful bactericide and antiseptic, reinforces natural immunity, and heals.

Lavender: Lavender comes from the Latin word “Lavare” which means Wash. It drains and soothes. General antiseptic and healer

Rosemary: Simulating and toning virtues, it is called the “western ginseng”. Powerful toner.

Wild thyme: antiseptic and antiviral, disinfectant. Powerful bactericide that can be called “antibiotic”.

Rosemary + Wild thyme: favours elimination,

How to use: Apply after shaving to the face and neck if necessary.