JL is holding a booth in HK Convention and Exhibition Centre


Josiane Laure is joining the 12th Sisters BeautyPro Trade Fair in the coming 16-18th,May. Therefore, we would like to invite all of our beautiful Facebook Fans to join us in the Exhibition, so that we can get you to know more about and fall in love with our French natural skincare brand -- Josiane Laure. ((**Remember to ask for some samples from us as they have already been prepared for you ;-))

Josiane Laure 將會在未來三天參展《姊妹美容》月刊舉辦的[第12屆姊妹專業美容展]。一年一度的的姊妹專業美容展仍全港最大的美容展覽,海內外眾多的美容產品分銷商,零售商,美容院等都會到場參與。16,17日的展覽只供業內人士參觀,18日將會開放於公眾,我們已經準備了大量Josiane Laure 產品試用裝派發予在場朋友,讓大家更進一步了解此一法國純天然之美容護膚品牌!

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