3 Ingredients, 4 Magic effects❗️

Josiane Laure 舒緩抗敏活膚水

Josiane Laure Smoothing Lotion
3 Ingredients, 4 Magic effects☘️
Leaves your skin glowing and radiant,
Encourages micro-circulation
-Smooth, refresh and soften your skin

蘆薈成分 Aloe Vera
- 補充皮膚失去的水分 Skin moisturizing, prevent ageing from wrinkles and lines
- 促進傷口修復 treats burns, acne and dry skin
- 抗炎和抗衰老的效果 anti-inflammatory
金鏤梅成分 Witch-hazels
- 抑制細菌舒緩敏感 relieves inflammation, reduce skin irritation
- 改善粉刺問題 fight acne
- 鎮定龜裂日曬或受損的肌膚 protects against skin damage from sun
薰衣草花水 lavender
- 鎮定安神效果 calms skin and releases stress
- 減輕皮膚腫脹 helps reducing skin inflammation
- 含抗氧化活性物質 antioxidants ingredient can prevent further lines and wrinkles formation