Hair Spa - Before vs After

💁🏻See how we use our hair spa products in rescuing your hair from oily, dandruff, itchy scalps to sleek, silky ,shiny and health. Stay tuned with our upcoming salon hair spa demonstration video!!

See the "Before/After" picture, show how our hair spa treatment helps revitalizing our model's hair throughout the Salon demon.

頭皮頭屑皮癢乾燥有辦法,Josiane Laure 最新一系列髮質水療護髮產品,能有效改善髮質、張化修復受損頭髮,防止掉髮。100%有機草本成分,天然精油幫助頭髮更易吸收營養。

下圖為Josiane Laure 在髮廊示範頭髮水療時,模特兒髮質的前後對照圖,頭皮髮質有明顯的改善。稍後我地將會上載完整示範片段,教授各位如何在家護髮。😉😉