JL HairSpa - Salon Demon

[[💥Let the result speaks, ✨gleaming your hair💁🏼]]
JL Hair Spa - 💇Salon Demon Hair Cute Salon - Wanchai. See how Josiane Laure's Hair Spa products and 💆🏻 treatment helps remineralising, fortifying and restoring your hair with Essential oils. 🇳🇱

JL 頭髮水療 - ✂️沙龍示範 Hair Cute Salon - Wanchai. Josiane Laure 含豐富天然草本精油的護髮產品和💆🏻 水療穴位按摩,能有效補充頭髮所需之礦物,從而強化修復受損頭髮,防止掉髮。

Demonstruction 產品系列:
1. Capilaure AP - Anti Dandruff Capilaure 頭皮護理抗屑精油
2. Crème Volume - Volume Cream 豐盈活髮霜
3. Shampooing aux Algues - Seaweed Regulating Shampoo 海藻養髮平衡洗髮乳
4. JL Treatment - conditioner 活髮護髮露

JL Products are well followed by Celebrities

These newspaper cuttings indicate that JL natural skincare products are well followed by famous celebrities like model SHIRLEY WU for its essential oils

借分享台灣的報章報導, 又一證明JL 的全天然有機產品適合大人小朋友,受到伊林娛樂模特兒 吳品萱的熱烈追捧。


A Glance of the Exhibition

Josiane Laure adapts only natural organic ingredients in their skincare products, recognized by the"bio cosmetique charter cosmebio" certification, that makes it suitable for different skin types and ages.

Josiane Laure的產品採用全天然成份,俱bio cosmetique charter cosmebio國際認可,適合不同年齡不同膚質的美眉支持。


We are READY!!

We are ready!! Josiane Laure's booth have fully set up, let's come to meet us and have fun photo taking using our FB photo frame in order to get plenty of our beauty skincare product samples!!!

號外!Josiane Laure的攤位已經佈置好了,各位路經的美眉快點來這裡,只要用我JL法國薰衣草相框拍個照,就可以拿走我們精心為你挑選的各款美肌護膚品試用裝!


JL is holding a booth in HK Convention and Exhibition Centre


Josiane Laure is joining the 12th Sisters BeautyPro Trade Fair in the coming 16-18th,May. Therefore, we would like to invite all of our beautiful Facebook Fans to join us in the Exhibition, so that we can get you to know more about and fall in love with our French natural skincare brand -- Josiane Laure. ((**Remember to ask for some samples from us as they have already been prepared for you ;-))

Josiane Laure 將會在未來三天參展《姊妹美容》月刊舉辦的[第12屆姊妹專業美容展]。一年一度的的姊妹專業美容展仍全港最大的美容展覽,海內外眾多的美容產品分銷商,零售商,美容院等都會到場參與。16,17日的展覽只供業內人士參觀,18日將會開放於公眾,我們已經準備了大量Josiane Laure 產品試用裝派發予在場朋友,讓大家更進一步了解此一法國純天然之美容護膚品牌!

@ExhibitionHall5FG @ExhibitionUnitF25 

JL advertisement published in the Magazine

Congratulations!! Our Josiane Laure advertisement has already published in the "Sisters BeautyPro" magazine recently. And we are also joining the 12th Sisters BeautyPro Trade Fair in the coming 16-18th,May.

🎉🎉Josiane Laure 的平面廣告終於係最新一期嘅"姊妹美容"雜誌刊登左岀黎!另外誠邀大家係本月嘅16至18號到香港會議展覽中心,支持2017年第十二屆姊妹專業美容展,到時記得黎我地個counter "Luketrade international co Ltd", 我地已經準備左大量JosianeLaure嘅尊貴護膚品試用裝派發俾參加者。