Even as a child, she knew her future lay in plants, and the idea of sharing the beauty and power of flowers with women took root in Josiane Laure's mind very early on. In 1975, she set up a beauty salon in Paris, where she applied a thoroughly innovative range of natural beauty treatments combined with teachings taken from Chinese energy therapy.

She set up a training centre followed by a laboratory in 1985 and combined her targeted treatments with products based on essential oils, plant oils and seaweed.

Today, in order to meet her high standards of quality, authenticity and natural care, Josiane Laure has designed a new organic and entirely natural range for the body and face.

In her Beauty Centres and at her Beauty Farm, Josiane Laure now shares her unique experience and the skills and knowledge she has acquired over the years with nature-conscious men and women.

THE Josiane laure way

Josiane Laure's methods are unique and innovative in their total alignment with the principles of Chinese medicine: systematic studies of changes in skin tone, mapping internal organ manifestations on specific areas of facial skin and the colours of the areas in question.

Every human possesses TAO, meaning a fluctuating balance between YIN and YANG that is physically expressed through the five-element theory. This theory categories humans into 5 basic morphological types. Seasons, organs, personality types, etc. are all also classified in a similar manner.

This knowledge is key to putting together a personalised treatment plan which, combined with energetic lymphatic drainage and 'Laure's Essentials' products, leads to spectacular results as part of a face and body treatment session.


Every individual is unique, with unique skin and a unique body, and must therefore receive 'tailor-made' treatment. High standards of authenticity, quality and the natural to highlight the very best in your treatments and expertise.

An original, unique and exceptional method: Chinese medicine adapted to cosmetics for tailor-made products and treatments in harmony with the individual nature of each and every client.

Josiane Laure has developed a new organic and entirely natural range dedicated to face and body care

Successful key element of Josiane Laure

  • An original concept based on the principles of Chinese medicine
  • A diagnosis based on individual body type and the five elements
  • Tailor-made products to suit all body and face treatments
  • Natural, organic products that respect the environment and the skin
  • A selection of essential oils to be chosen based on their targeted effects
  • Full training in the energy approach developed for beauty professionals in salons and spas
  • Professionally-recognised expert, effective treatment protocols
  • A quality partnership
  • Clients at the heart of our corporate strategy