SOS Treatment

With lavender, wild thyme, lemon, and ylang-ylang essential oils

SOS treatment for a calming, healing, and restorative action after shaving or for other skin sensitivities. Concentrate of essential oils with normalising and soothing actions. For the face, acts on diffuse redness, or skin that suffers from shaving, also suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. After applying, your skin is stronger, soft and soothed.


Wild thyme: Antiseptic and antiviral, disinfectant of the digestive tract.Powerful bactericide that can be called “antibiotic”.

Ylang-Ylang: Vasodilator (opens the vessels), regulator. Strong cell regenerator.

Lavender: Lavender comes from the Latin word “Lavare” which means Wash. It drains and soothes. General antiseptic and healer

Lemon: Protects capillary vessels, vasoconstrictor (tightens vessels), fluidifies the circulation. Powerful bactericide and antiseptic, reinforces natural immunity, and heals.

How to use: Apply locally and directly to the sensitive zone once or twice a day in the morning and/or evening.